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TSSA is an independent trade union for the transport and travel trade industries. We have thousands of members right across the UK and Ireland, working for the railways and associated companies.

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Latest News

  1. Eurostar Companywide Pay 2015 – Final Company Offer & Recommendation for Acceptance

    22 May 2015

    Further to our last circular 107/15 we have made significant progress in negotiations with the company with regard to the TSSA pay claim. As a result we are now in a position to make a formal agreement for the 2015 pay award with the company.

  2. Your Union Achieves Improved Offer

    22 May 2015

    On the strength of our successful ballot for industrial action and action short of strike, your reps took part in four days of talks with Network Rail and our sister unions under the auspices of ACAS.

  3. TSSA strike action at Network Rail suspended after improved offer

    21 May 2015

    Manuel Cortes, General Secretary of the TSSA rail union has issued the following statement: "Our negotiating team at ACAS has received a revised offer from Network Rail. As a result of this, they have suspended the planned industrial action, pending the outcome of a meeting of our workplace representatives next week."

  4. Amey Consulting Rail: Reps Elections

    19 May 2015

    Notice of Intention to hold Union Representative elections within Amey Consulting Rail

  5. Railway Pension Scheme (ATOS Section)

    19 May 2015

    Members of the Atos Section of the Railways Pension Scheme will have received a letter last week regarding proposed future changes. TSSA officials and staff reps took part in a conference call with the company on Thursday to seek clarification on issues and set out concerns raised by members. Representing the company on the call were the ATOS Pensions Director, HR and representatives from KPMG (pension advisors to ATOS).

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