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New Equality Newsletter for December 2014

Heres the latest on Equality   Equality Newsletter Dec 2014

Equality in the Rail Industry Research

Our Equality in the Rail Industry Survey is currently being analysed by our research team and a summary is available in the latest Equality Newsletter. This is a industry wide initiative led by TSSA with our research team from Queen Mary University and the University of the West of England. We are also pleased to be working closely with Network Rail on this project, who are sharing information to support our research and promoting the project with other Industry Employers. For more information please contact Nadine Rae, National Organiser

Equality Agenda

TSSA is consulting with Self Organised Groups, Branches, Equality Reps and others over what we need to do for Equality over the next few years. This will be our Equality Agenda, an action plan for equality. If you would like to have a say, please contact Nadine Rae, National Organiser,

Self Organised Groups Active for a Better Railway

DIsability Working Group...

Report on October 18th March, Adam Battersby

For the first time the TSSA Disability Working Group took on the task of manning a stall at Hyde Park for the march on 18 October, which was a fantastic opportunity for the DWG SOG. Myself, Ray and Richard were on the stall all day with help arriving from other TSSA members and their families. We focused on Neurodiversity and had bottles of water ready to quench thirst and reinvigorate tired brains! The bottles were a huge success and generated a lot of interest. We were all able to spend time talking to visitors about Neurodiversity, and the work TSSA is doing to lead on this.

Disability History Month Event, Pauline McArdle

The day started off in a very positive way with the disability working group AGM. It was well attended and everybody took an active part. It was nice to see some new members. It was also nice to see new officers take up positions and The DWG going forward in a positive and constructive way. The meeting was chaired by TSSA President Mick Carney who is also the chair of the disability working group and he was re-elected unopposed. The card from Macmillan Cancer Care thanking the DWG for the donation from the September Event was passed noted.

The AGM was followed by an event to celebrate the Disability History Month. This year disability history month was linked to the First World War because if we don't know what our history is how are we going to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again and indeed looking at how far we've come much as it is quite a long way it is very obvious to see that we are now actually going backwards yet again.

This became even more obvious by the presentation that was given by Adele Potten-Price when she reflected on how disabled veterans were treated when they returned from war and in fact how we are treating our disabled soldiers that are now returning from war .We really do have to take a much closer look at our actions and in many ways if we look around Europe we can learn many lessons and this was very obvious in the presentation that was given .Disability History Month runs from 22nd November until 22nd December each and every year and the International Day of disabled person is on December 3rd .These are dates that we should all be aware of and should go into our calendars.

The event was a success and enjoyed by all please try and join us next year.  

Future TSSA

Future TSSA Recently held their AGM in Liverpool. Minutes are available from Kyle Williamson, Secretary,

Equality Campaigns and Initiatives

Struggling to think of what you might do as an Equality Rep or champion in your Workplace or Branch? You can get involved now with the following Campaigns and Initiatives to further equality:

  • Fair Pay, Equal Pay. Do you have a fair pay and grading system? Is your company plagued with a performance management system that is consistently unfair? If you answered yes, it is likely there will be issues of Equal Pay and inequality in your system. To find out more about what you can do, contact your local organiser or visit our Fair Pay, Equal Pay page
  • Neurodiversity Programme, build awareness of issues for people with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperges) and Attention Deficit Disorder. You can become a Neurodiversity Champion or help your existing Champions spread the word and support people who are neurodiverse find the information they need and get the reasonable adjustments to help them do their job. For more information go to
  • Dignity@Work, a series of things you can do to tackle stress, bullying and harassment in your workplace. Where these issues exist, so does inequality and discrimination. For more information on what you can do, go to
  • Self Organised Groups, we have groups who promote the interests of women, black and minority ethnic workers, younger and older workers, disabled workers, lesbian, gay bi-sexual and transgendered workers. For more info go to their pages in the box on the left hand side of this web page.

Equality Resources

Training – We have a variety of training available to support any member who wishes to promote and celebrate equality and diversity in their branch or workplace. Our training will help you:

  • Deal with difficult situations
  • Bargain for equality policies and initiatives
  • Support people who have disabilities or special needs in the workplace get the support they need
  • Make a plan to change the culture of your workplace

Promotional Materials – we have various guides and toolkits available for you in hardcopy. We also have some posters and promotional materials available for existing initiatives and under development. Please go to for more information.

Equality Law – we have Reps Bulletins that summarise what you need to know on the Equality Act 2010. For more in-depth understanding, you may want to consider attending our Equality in the Workplace training. Please contact Val Stansfield, Employment Rights Officer,

Campaigns and Initiatives – see above for initiatives you can get involved with right away.

Equality Newsletter – The latest Equality Newsletter is here:   Equality Newsletter Dec 2014

Useful links – We are building our list of useful links. If you have any links you would like to add to this list, please send them to us.