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No Bystanders

#NoBystanders Campaign

TSSA has partnered with Stonewall UK to launch our #NoBystanders campaign.

You can help by

  • Signing a pledge card

  No Bystanders Pledge card Please download and complete a pledge card and send it back to our London Office No Bystanders campaign, TSSA, 16-17 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M4SQ

  • Be part of our LGBT+ Network or
  • Be an LGBT+ Ally! 

Order your campaign pack today and get 10 of your colleagues to pledge to not be a bystander to bullying and harassment (complete the form below on this page). Includes pledge cards, a return envelope, and workplace posters like this one:

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TSSA’s strong commitment to respect and equality for everyone means that we take our beliefs to the workplace. TSSA reps are trained to challenge disrespectful, offensive and discriminatory language in the workplace. Not only that, but as a result of our partnership with Stonewall (the first with a trade union) – we represent our members formally and informally as individuals but also collectively.

TSSA reps put forward and negotiate policies which encourage fair pay, fair practices and workplace policies that encourage LGBT+ staff or family members to feel themselves at work, to discuss their partners and their gay and lesbian family and friends without fear.

To ensure that policies do not discriminate against LGBT+ members and that we are working towards a more inclusive and understanding workplace – for everyone. This takes everyone and we want to encourage and educate our workforce. Sign the pledge to show acceptance without exception and refuse to be a bystander!

To join TSSA’s LGBT+ network contact