TSSA official giving new delegates briefing at TSSA conference 2019

Representing members

TSSA represents workers across the transport and travel industries in companies both large and small. Our members work in a wide range of grades and job roles.

We represent TSSA members at an individual level, for instance if you are facing an issue at work or have an employment question then you can contact our Members’ Helpdesk and they will be able to advise you on a range of workplace issues including discipline and grievance hearings, maternity rights, and redundancy. 

TSSA has a network of highly trained workplace representatives who are there to represent our members at work. Your local TSSA rep will often be your first point of contact and they can provide support and advice, including supporting you through grievance or disciplinary cases and leading workplace meetings. We always encourage members to step up and become TSSA reps, our reps receive specialist training and ongoing support to undertake their duties.

We represent TSSA members at a company level in order to improve the pay, terms and conditions, and well-being of our members. Our organisers and reps work to secure fairness at work, higher pay, safer workplaces, and secure jobs for all our members.

We represent TSSA members at a national level, this includes securing nationwide industry-standard agreements, lobbying governments when certain parts of our industries are in trouble and running national industry-wide campaigns for fairer and more inclusive workplaces.

We represent TSSA members at an international level, this includes joining international campaigns to support workers and trade unions across the world and representing our members in relation to international agreements that impact on our members jobs and conditions.