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There are lots of ways you can get involved with TSSA. Join our events, education and meetings, or become a rep.

Organise and activate

At TSSA we're a members-led union. Members are the lifeblood of our union and it's our members, reps and activists who make us what we are.

There are lots of ways that TSSA members can get involved with their union. We run an extensive education and training programme called Going Beyond with courses on everything from starting out as a rep, to specialist health and safety, recruitment or management training.

Our member equality groups - known as Self-Organised Groups within TSSA - provide a space for representation and organising for any group of members which is underrepresented.

Branches and divisional councils are a core part of TSSA's democratic structure and it's often the case that a branch meeting will be the first time a TSSA member meets other members. 

We're a friendly bunch, so find your branch, group, or a course that interests you and get involved today.

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Find out about TSSA's education and training programme.

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Reps area

Information and supporting materials for TSSA reps


TSSA is made up of branches. Our branch structure is geographic and may also be industry/company specific in some areas.

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