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Equality & diversity

Equality for all

At TSSA, equality is at the forefront of our work for members.

From campaigning and representing members, to polices, lobbying and legal advice and guidance, TSSA works tirelessly to promote our equality agenda.

We believe that everyone deserves to live and work without facing discrimination. We are committed to celebrating, managing and promoting equality and diversity and challenging discrimination wherever it appears.

We have network of committed Equality Reps who promote equality in their workplaces. In some membership areas we have neurodiversity champions, youth reps and pensions champions also. TSSA supports the TUC’s campaign to establish the role of Equality Reps and win recognition of this role with our employers.

TSSA has established a set of bargaining standards which we engage with employers on to deliver positive equality outcomes. Our Inclusive Rail campaign and bargaining standard has been influential across the rail industry in particular and has helped to put LGBTQ+ issues on the agenda. Read more about our equality agenda in the handbook below.

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Legal advice, campaigns and more

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Workplace advice (UK)

TSSA offers workplace advice on a range of subjects to our members, from TUPE to discrimination. Find out more here.

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Inclusive Rail

Find out about our campaign to make the railway more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

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TSSA advocates for the acceptance of neurodivergent members. Find out about our work here.

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Flip Your Thinking

Our new resource called #FlipYourThinking, developed as part of our industry leading allyship toolkit

TSSA blog

Hear from TSSA and guest writers on subjects close to our heart

Equality Agenda Handbook

TSSA Equality Agenda Handbook



Member equality groups

If you are a TSSA member and you identify with any of the below groups you can join a member equality group.

Photo of people holding up 'No to hostile Britain' posters from TSSA BAME Emix group at TSSA HQ


We represent Black, Asian and other Ethnic minorities for all members and levels within the TSSA family.

Retired Members Group members at TSSA conference 2021

Retired members

Retired members remain an important part of the TSSA community. Find out more and how to join.

TSSA & Network Rail together at Pride


Building LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace.

Young TSSA members at conference 2021


futureTSSA is young members organising for young members around young members' issues and campaigns.

TSSA discrimination and harassment policies

TSSA Anti Discrimination Policy and Procedures for Members



TSSA anti discrimination policy and procedure for members 2020

TSSA Harassment Policy and Procedure for Members



TSSA Harassment Policy and Procedures for members

News about equality issues

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