Mission, vision & values

Our vision

To achieve a fair and flourishing work environment for our members across the transport and travel industries, winning influence and respect, with a high level of loyalty and activism.

Our mission

To champion and protect transport and travel staff through excellent service and representation, effective workplace organisation, and positive influence on employers and governments; to embed trade union values into all our work; and to go the extra mile for our members.

Our values

Our values ensure that we provide outstanding organisation and representation to secure the long-term future of our members and their union.

Organising to win

We win for our members, protecting and promoting respect for their jobs, skills and working environment.


We are led by, and accountable to, our members in all aspects of our governance, policies and practices.

Diversity and inclusion

We treat people fairly, equally and respectfully; we support those under-represented or vulnerable to discrimination.


We are an agile and financially viable independent union, secure for the future.


We support and promote the interests of our members and the industries they work in to high standards; we make things happen and set the agenda.


Our members work together to support, empower and stand up for their rights at work, giving transport and travel professionals a collective voice.


We support and protect our members wherever they work.

Fair employer

We set high standards as an employer, providing fair employment and fulfilling careers to all our staff.