People negotiating showing laptop, desk and hands

Negotiating & bargaining

TSSA reps, organisers and specialist employment advisors are experts in negotiating and bargaining for better terms and conditions for our members across the transport and travel industries. The collective bargaining agreements that TSSA has secured have led to improvements for our members basic pay, hours of work, holidays, and other terms such as sick pay, additional paternity and maternity provisions and overtime rates.

TSSA negotiates with 100 employers across the transport and travel industries in Britain and Ireland to achieve higher pay, secure jobs and better terms and conditions for our members. We negotiate with many companies covering different groups of employees.

TSSA is able to provide a strong voice whilst negotiating with different companies because we represent the combined strength of many thousands of members. Our combined power to negotiate for our members is stronger than it could ever be for one worker trying to improve their conditions alone. The more members we have, the stronger our position is when it comes to negotiating with your employers.

TSSA has consistently improved the pay of our members through collective bargaining. TSSA presents regular claims to employers for improvements to pay and other conditions of employment. The appropriate levels of pay (and other conditions) are negotiated with the employer by your TSSA reps with support from our specialist staff.

TSSA is a fully democratic union, and so before negotiating or taking any decisions on your behalf, we consult with our members about their priorities. TSSA members get the final say in deciding if what has been negotiated is acceptable. If agreement cannot be reached with the employer, then our members are able to take industrial action, including strike action, to influence the employer.

Our negotiation and bargaining approach is democratic, transparent and fair. Through collective bargaining TSSA has secured higher and more equal pay for thousands of members across the transport and travel industries.