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Workplace support, legal services, representation and benefits - there are so many reasons to join TSSA

"To me, union membership is a no brainer – it’s worth it for the free legal cover alone. The ability to have someone support you if you get into difficulties at work, represent you in pay talks, improve your terms and conditions and be a point of contact for advice. Through the union, you have real ability to impact your career and work."

Support for you at work

There are lots of good reasons to be a member of TSSA. For some people, trade union membership is an insurance policy - something to fall back on if things go wrong at work. TSSA's workplace representation and legal services do that and more, but there are far more reasons to join too.

We provide education and training events for our members and reps, keeping across the latest developments in our industries and workplace issues for all our members. We campaign and lobby on behalf of our members. And you even get discounts and other benefits through your TSSA membership.

But don't just take our word for it. Hear direct from our members about what TSSA membership does for them. Join us and get the same support, protection and benefits now.

Employment law can be very difficult for an individual to navigate. I’ve always been a member of a union and this is another example of why it’s so important. You can’t fight these things on your own.

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Member services

Find out how TSSA works to protect and improve your interests at work.

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TSSA Benefits

TSSA members have exclusive access to a range of money-saving offers and benefits.

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Retired members

Retired members remain an important part of the TSSA community. Find out more and how to join.

How much?

TSSA membership rates are set according to your pay grade. The below rates are correct from 1 January 2018.

Frequency£0-£20kIrish Rate 1£20-50kIrish Rate 2£50k+Irish Rate 3RetiredIrish Retired
4 weekly£9.20€11.20£19.20€22.00£23.20€26.40£9.00€10.80

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