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2011 Annual Conference

TSSA’s 114th Annual Conference is being held in Norwich - at the OPEN247 Centre, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich, from Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th May 2011.

Please note that all delegate forms, conference election nomination forms, motion, and amendment to motion forms are all contained within a booklet which has been circulated to branches.

The following information is available in this section of the website:

Executive Committee Reserve Motions

Conference agreed in 2006 when endorsing the Parallel Universe Report that the set piece debates on pay and transport should no longer take place, but that the Executive Committee would have the right to submit up to three reserve motions on the Agenda. The Executive Committee will therefore be submitting two motions on the following issues:

  • TSSA’s commitment to union learning as part of our overall organising approach
  • TSSA’s learning and training agenda
  •  Skills for life
  •  Vocational qualifications
  •  Personal development
  •  Access to higher education
  •  Career guidance and support to complement
  •  Re-skilling
  •  TSSA’s response to Government cuts in adult education
  • Defending Public Services
  • Industrial Policy
  • Unemployment
  • Securing Economic Recovery

I have been asked by the Standing Orders Committee to remind Branches that the Circular containing the EC Reserve motions will be sent out from Head Office on Friday 25th March 2011. The closing date for return of amendments to the EC motions will be Thursday 21st April 2011. Branches should ensure that they have a meeting planned during that period to ensure that they have the opportunity to decide on amendments. The Executive Committee will be submitting a report in relation to the progressing of Items 9 & 10 as carried at the 2010 TSSA Annual Conference.

It has been established by previous Conference decisions that there should be restrictions on motions relating to pay and conditions of service. Motions that seek to change policy on claims that are under discussion with Management or are in the process of submission to an arbitration body are not allowed unless the claim has not been finalised two years after 31 October of the year in which the Conference adopted the policy. Items that were the result of Conference decisions in 2009 are, therefore, no longer barred.

Barred Items 2009   Barred Items 2010  
Grading Item 12 Conditions of Service Items 13 & 14
Advertising of Vacancies Item 13    
Network Rail Pay Item 16    


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Subject to sufficient demand, the Executive Committee will give consideration to the provision of child-care facilities where possible and practicable during Conference sessions for the pre-school age children of members who would otherwise be unable to represent their Branches/SOG’s as delegates. It has to be emphasised that the final decision of the Executive Committee will be dependent upon the demand shown and it is important that I should be advised no later than Friday 14th January 2011 as to whether a delegate from your Branch/SOG would wish to make use of childcare facilities, if facilities can be made available.

New Delegates

In accordance with Resolution 8 of the 1989 Annual Conference, the Executive Committee will arrange a Seminar for delegates on the Saturday evening prior to the commencement of Conference to inform delegates on the working and proceedings of Annual Conference and the Standing Orders Committee. Full details of the arrangements for the Seminar will be advised to delegates in their Conference pack.

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Disabled Assistance/Access

If any delegate to Annual Conference has a disability please ensure you indicate this on the delegate form. If there is any particular assistance we can give please let the conference organiser know as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate such requests. If a Branch/SOG needs a large print copy of the Agenda for visually impaired members, please contact Pat Pavlou at Head Office.

Further information

If you have any queries concerning conference please ring Pat Pavlou on 0207 529 8025 or e-mail Pat Pavlou.

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National Reps Training Seminar

Please note that the 2011 National Reps Training Seminar will precede the Annual Conference, starting at 1330hrs on Thursday 12th May and closing at 1230hrs on Saturday 14th May at the Open 247 Centre, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich (same venue as the Annual Conference). Details and application forms for this seminar will be issued separately, please see Circular No. 446 which is also on the website.

Key Dates

  • TUC Congress, London, 12th – 14th September 2011
  • Labour Party Conference, Liverpool, 25th – 29th September 2011

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Other information about the 2011 Annual Conference

  EC - Renewing the Associations Structures and Procedures

Amendments to Motions
Copies of the Preliminary Agenda for Annual Conference, have been sent direct to Branches by the printers.

EC Reserve motions on Learning (Item 18) and the Economy (Item 22)
With reference to the undertaking given in the Preliminary Agenda, I am now able to bring to the attention of Branches/SOGs the terms of the motions submitted on behalf of the Executive Committee (see circular).

Final Conference Agenda
The final agenda has been published and sent direct from the printers to branches.

Information Paper: Item 61 - TSSA General Secretary
The Scottish Divisional Council met on Saturday 14 November 2009 and agreed the following resolution:

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