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Irish Biennial Conference

Irish Biennial Conference 2009 - 28/29 November 2009

Please see below, seven motions received for the Irish Biennial Conference 2009.


1. Irish Divisional Council

This Conference is concerned by the lack of meeting dates, activity reports,
branch representation and information from Divisional Council to Branches.

Conference therefore instructs the Irish Committee to investigate the
activities of the Irish Divisional Council on its formation and report their findings to
all Irish Branches.

Conference firmly believes if the Irish Divisional Council functioned as per
Rule10. This would enable the Association to build more activity in non-active
branches, capitalise on recruitment through up-coming campaigns and proactively
encourage members to take seats on Divisional Council.

Trade union members from other transport unions in Ireland see the TSSA
taking a stand against ruthless employers and would willingly join our ranks if we
had an organised recruitment drive, coordinated and planned by Divisional Council.


2. Department of Regional Development for Northern Ireland

This Conference is deeply concerned that the DRD NI has this year reduced
the public spending on public transport. The reduction in POS has caused 75
voluntary redundancies this year in Translink.

Conference is aghast to hear that POS will be reduced again next year
causing further anguish to our members, either through voluntary redundancies or
compulsory redundancies.

Conference therefore instructs the Irish Committee to immediately engage
with the Northern Ireland Assembly Minister for Regional Development, to discuss
ways to alleviate the stress put on our membership.

Conference also instructs the Irish Committee to request the Executive
Committee to open discussions with central government to improve the financial
package to Northern Ireland for public transport.

Conference believes the only way to save our members from further
hardship and stress in the future, is through dialogue with the government. To
improve the subsistence already afforded to the public transport in Northern

Translink is the last remaining truly integrated public transport system in the
UK. It is our duty to protect this vital asset.


3. Towards 2016

This conference instructs the Irish Committee to pursue with the CIE Group
of Companies, the payment of the 3.5% pay award, as contained in the current
Social Partnership Agreement 'Towards 2016' which is now overdue.

Should the CIE Group of Companies fail to pay the 3.5% pay claim, the Irish
Committee are instructed to invoke the clause in the agreement which makes
reference to "inability to pay". This matter must be pursued as per the signed

CIE Executive Grades

4. National Transport Authority

The Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008 as amended by the Public
Transport Regulation Bill 2009, makes provision for the dissolution of the Dublin
Transport Office (DTO), the Rail Procurement Agency (RPA), and the transfer of
the Office of the Taxi Regulator to the NTA, thus protecting the staff employment
and conditions.

The Public Transport Regulations Bill makes no reference to employment
guarantees to the employers of the CIE Group of Companies, whose
responsibilities in relation to areas such as, ticketing, fares, scheduling and
transport planning, will be overtaken by the NTA.

This Conference instructs the Irish Committee to take action to safeguard
the employment and conditions of service to all members who may be effected by
the passing of the Public Transport Regulation Bill 2009 into law.

CIE Executive Grades

5. Cuts in Development Aid

Conference condemns the disproportionate cut in funding over the last year
to Ireland Aid, the development agency of the Dept. of Foreign Affairs.

The consequences of this will mean that projects which received their
funding from Ireland Aid, and effect some of the poorest people on the planet, will
either be cutback or discontinued altogether.

We therefore request the Irish Committee to call on the government to
reinstate funding to Ireland Aid to a level which will have the least detrimental
effects on it's work with developing countries.

We also ask that the ICTU Solidarity Committee be kept informed of our
efforts in this regard.


6. National Transport Authority

That this Conference expresses it's grave concern at the effects the setting
up of the National Transport Authority will have on our members jobs throughout
the CIE Companies.

We therefore request the Irish Committee to take whatever action is
appropriate to protect our members' jobs, conditions and pay, following the
implementation of this legislation.


7. National Assets Management Agency

Conference deplores the setting up of the National Assets Management
Agency, which we believe will rob the Irish people of 54Bn to bail out greedy and
corrupt bankers, builders and developers, The consequences of which are likely
to effect the living standards of at least two generations of workers and their

We call instead for the setting up of a State Bank which would be debt free
and funded adequately, so as to allow those who require credit for
businesses, mortgages etc to borrow again and help create jobs.