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Rule Book and Guidance Notes

The Rule Book sets out the framework within which all TSSA’s activities are regulated, and all members and officials are bound by our rules.

In 2017 TSSA reviewed the Rule Book and moved administrative processes into a set of Guidance Notes.

Every member is encouraged to take a personal interest in all the activities of TSSA, as well as in its local and national administration. Members are particularly urged to attend the meetings of their Branch and to assist towards increasing the membership.

Democracy is about being given the right and opportunity to participate. The Association’s Rules and Guidance Notes are designed to enable both.

A copy of the Political Fund Rules are supplied to every new TSSA member. A copy of the complete Rule Book and Guidance Notes are available to every member on request and copies of any changes to the Rules and Guidance Notes are available on request.

The Rule Book is updated on a cycle, with amendments (as passed by Conference) being issued in the intermediate years. A similar process will be followed for the Guidance Notes. The new Rule Book and Guidance Notes, incorporating amendments made at the 2019 Annual Conference, can be downloaded below

  Rule Book July 2019 Updated inc index

  Rule Book Guidance Notes July 2019 inc index update

Model Standing Orders