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TSSA on the internet

TSSA’s first venture onto the internet was in 1996 with a web page hosted for us by Ruskin College. Since then we have developed and redeveloped our own website several times.

TSSA's first web presence

Ruskin College hosted a page for us to mark our centenary. We have preserved this web page for historical reference, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank Ruskin College and in particular their webmaster Heather Palmer for designing and hosting the page for us. Please note that this page may take some time to load due to the size of the graphics.

TSSA's website - version 1 (1999)

Our own website was designed in-house and was first published in April 1999; the homepage of the original site can be viewed here. Note: the links on that page have been amended to link back to the present site.

TSSA's website - version 2 (2001)

Our website was completely redesigned and relaunched in April 2001: again, we have preserved the homepage of that site.

TSSA's website - version 3 (2004)

The decision to update our website was announced in the Executive Committee’s operational plan for 2004, and was given the go-ahead by TSSA management in September 2004. The homepage of that site can be seen here.

TSSA's website - version 4 (2011)

The website has most recently been redeveloped in 2011 and launched at the Annual Conference in Norwich. This is the version you are using today.