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Education and Organising Programme 2020

Education Programme for 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, TSSA have cancelled all courses that would have been held before September 2020. 

Over the next month, we will be releasing some training resources that can be accessed electronically and where possible, will arrange some remote training events.

As always, if you are a workplace rep and need support you will have access to:

- other workplace reps who can advise and guide you where appropriate

- our helpdesk 

- your TSSA Organiser

of follow the TSSA Education Twitter account:


Recruitment Skills Training

In addition to our standard education programme, we have been inviting every TSSA Rep to attend a Recruitment Skills Training. From September 2020 we will hold more recruitment training events. To watch for dates near you and register for a course you need to go to  

Recruitment is an important part of the role of Workplace Rep. Whether you are new to the rep role or experienced in recruitment, the course will help you refresh and develop the skills you need to recruit new members of the union.

Education Waiting List

Your input into our programme is most welcome now and all year round. Tell us what you want to learn by using our Waiting List. You can suggest a topic we don't cover in our courses outlined below, or put your name down for a course that we have not set dates for yet - it's up to you! When we have set dates for a course, we will notify everyone on the waiting list for that topic.

To get yourself on the waiting list click here:

Your Education Pathway

No matter what role you are taking on or union activity you are part of, there is a pathway for your development in TSSA’s Education Programme. This will include Core Programmes, Extra Special Skills and Knowledge programmes for your workplace roles and Time to GROW programmes that will help you to build a bigger stronger TSSA in the workplace. You also have Practical Programme of activities to help you apply and fine-tune your skills and knowledge. Acceptance of your course application will depend on course numbers and your individual development needs. Please feel free to discuss your development needs with your Union Learning Representative or organiser

  Education Pathway

  Education Pathway Planning Tool


 Application information

  • To apply top attend a course please go to .You will then be sent an acknowledgement that your application has been received. Start your process to get release at this point.
  • The cut off date for applications in most cases is 4 weeks before the course is due to start. [See the individual course details.] Please note that this will not be extended except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Confirmation packs will be sent out to all successful course applicants shortly after each course application deadline . Places will be allocated on the basis of the need for the education rather than simply first come, first served.
  • If you are off on sick leave (or other leave) at the time of the course please inform us when you apply for the course. This may effect acceptance of your application, so we need to discuss this with you first.
  • Please note that non attendance, without due notice or reasonable grounds, on TSSA or GFTU courses by TSSA activists who have had their place confirmed will be treated very seriously – further details will be set out in the individual course packs.
  • Please contact your employer for release as soon as you apply for a place on any course. If you are not sure precisely who to contact for this, or if you have any problems with accessing release, please contact the Helpdesk in the first instance on Tel: UK - 0800 328 2673, Republic of Ireland - 1800 805 272, Email: