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Education and Organising Programme 2021

TSSA runs a range of courses for both new and more experienced reps. Our reps are the heroes of our union, there to represent our members from individual cases to collective workforces. From personal grievances, to pay bargaining and negotiating on changes to terms, conditions and workplaces, the work of a trade union rep is varied but always vital.

All of our courses are currently run remotely over the Zoom video platform with experienced tutors and useful course materials. Courses from June 2021 onwards will be advertised shortly.


Reps Courses:

Reps’ Intro

This course covers what it means to be a rep, what you’re rights and responsibilities are, and what support you get from TSSA in your role.

Reps - next steps

This is a course for industrial relations (IR) reps. This course goes into more detail on employment legislation and how to represent members.

Health and Safety reps course #1

This is the foundation course in health and safety for both IR and H&S reps. You’ll get an overview of the most useful H&S legislation, an introduction to safe systems of work and guidance on how to risk assess workplaces.

Organising around redundancy

This course is focused around how to recruit members and organise a workplace when the threat of redundancy is present.

TUPE course

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) is a key piece of legislation governing the rights of employees when their employer is taken over. As a rep, your ability to navigate this legislation will put you at a huge advantage when it comes to representing your members and speaking to employers.

Recruitment Skills Training

In addition to our standard education programme, we have been inviting every TSSA Rep to attend a Recruitment Skills Training. More information available at:  

Recruitment is an important part of the role of Workplace Rep. Whether you are new to the rep role or experienced in recruitment, the course will help you refresh and develop the skills you need to recruit new members of the union.


Your Education Pathway

No matter what role you are taking on or union activity you are part of, there is a pathway for your development in TSSA’s Education Programme. This will include Core Programmes, Extra Special Skills and Knowledge programmes for your workplace roles and Time to GROW programmes that will help you to build a bigger stronger TSSA in the workplace. You also have Practical Programme of activities to help you apply and fine-tune your skills and knowledge. Acceptance of your course application will depend on course numbers and your individual development needs. Please feel free to discuss your development needs with your Union Learning Representative or organiser

  Education Pathway

  Education Pathway Planning Tool


 Application information

  • To apply top attend a course please go to .You will then be sent an acknowledgement that your application has been received. Start your process to get release at this point.
  • Please contact your employer for release as soon as you apply for a place on any course. If you are not sure precisely who to contact for this, or if you have any problems with accessing release, please contact the Helpdesk in the first instance on Tel: UK - 0800 328 2673, Republic of Ireland - 1800 805 272, Email: