Recruitment Skills

Recruitment Skills Training

All TSSA reps need to have the opportunity to learn, practice and develop skills needed to recruit new members to our union. That is why we are inviting every single TSSA Representative to a Recruitment Skills Training over the next few months.

You can register for one of these courses for by completing the form here: RecruitmentSkillsRegister
Please make sure you only book courses near you to minimise travel. We will be adding new dates and courses in other cities soon.

Recruitment Skills Training - 2020 courses

  • Tuesday 24 March (10:00-16:30) - London
  • Tuesday 21 April (10:00-16:30) - London cancelled
  • Tuesday 28 April (10:00-16:30) - Cardiff 
  • Tuesday 16 June (10:00-16:30) - York cancelled
  • Tuesday 22 September (10:00-16:30) - London
  • Tuesday 13 October (10:00-16:30) - London
  • Tuesday 1 December (10:00-16:30) - Derby
  • Tuesday 8 December (10:00-16:30) - Manchester

If you want to register click here. Details of venues will be sent to you when you apply for the course. 

We are working with the Irish Committee to hold courses in Belfast and Dublin. Watch out for your invitation to a course near you and visit this webpage to get the most up to date information.

For more information contact Nadine Rae