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Education Vision

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TSSA's Education Vision

We are committed to providing our members with the skills and knowledge you need to win in the workplace. Our education and training programme prepares our workplace representatives, activists and leaders for their roles in representing members and organising in their workplace. It is also designed to enable TSSA to establish ourselves firmly as a stakeholder in our industries and communities.

These needs are met through the following three strands:

1.Trade Union Education- including how to fulfil the role of workplace representative, how to organise and campaign;

2.Continued Professional Development– training & development that will support our members developing in their work roles, enabling them to progress their careers, become managers and better leaders;

3.Expertise in our Industries– develop new and nurture existing expertise so that our members are able to participate in shaping our industries as active stakeholders.

If you have development needs that fit our vision but are not met by our education programme, please let us know. The feedback we get helps us shape our future programmes.

Our latest education programme is available on the Education and Organising Programme section

For more information go to and if your question is not answered, please contact Nadine Rae, Organising Director Strategic Organising & Campaigns