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Using the TSSA logo

Guidelines for reps

The TSSA logo is available for all TSSA reps to use in posters, leaflets and any other materials they want to produce, using a word-processing package such as Microsoft Word.

The logo consists of three elements:

  • ’tssa’
  • the graphic swirl
  • the strapline - ’the union for people in transport and travel’.

These three elements should always appear together. For instance, the strapline should not be removed from the logo.

The logo is a key part of TSSA’s visual identity. Using it identifies TSSA to our members, other colleagues at work and the wider world. For this reason, it is vital that the logo looks the same wherever it is used - we all know what TSSA’s logo looks like, because we see it all the time.

This isn’t the case for someone who isn’t a member, or a member who isn’t active, but if the logo looks the same every time it is used, they will soon begin to recognise it. So when using it electronically, please make sure that the logo is not squashed up or stretched out.

File Format

The logo is provided as a png (portable network graphic) file. This is suitable for printing from all the office printers and can also be used with most other output devices including ink-jet printers.

There are two versions of the logo - black and white and colour. (zipped)

The logo is available from Communications & Marketing Department at Head Office on request, by either email or on disk.


The logo is supplied at the correct size for printing on an A4 document, for use as a letterhead, noticeboard poster etc. You should not need to resize it for use on your


Unless there is a particular reason for doing differently, please use the logo in the top right corner of any document. This helps to retain a consistent look for TSSA publications.

Other uses

If you want to get something printed professionally, please contact TSSA Communications & Marketing, rather than using the png logo. The png format is specifically for use with PC programs and printers - there are other file formats that should be used for professional design which we can supply, along with a style guide for designers.