TSSA believes that all workers are entitled to good pay and other conditions of employment and should be treated fairly regardless of:
  • sex,
  • age,
  • religious belief,
  • disability,
  • ethnic background,
  • sexual orientation.

This can best be achieved through collective bargaining. Nobody likes to have to ask the boss for a rise and left by yourself you probably won’t do as well or as often happens, favouritism becomes more important than fairness.

TSSA presents regular claims to employers for improvements to pay and other conditions of employment. Before doing the views of members are sought through their staff reps who prioritise improvements before making the formal submission to the company.

We negotiate with many companies covering different bargaining groups – groups of employees covered by the same agreement TSSA has with employers. To be effective it is important that TSSA is representative – this means strength in numbers!

If you’re interested in what’s happening in your company, any development on pay and conditions are reported in the Company news part of this website.

Achieving equal pay and ending low pay continue to present major challenges for the trade union movement and TSSA is committed to playing its part. More information on these problem areas is available from:

More detailed information on Equal Pay is also available in the Equalities area of this website.