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The BBC and have teamed up to provide great information and "How to" guides to help you adapt your computer and web browser to suit your needs. You can visit the site at

Standards Compliance

We strive to comply with the W3C WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and aim for our pages to conform to a minimum of Level A compliance. Wherever possible, level AA and AAA requirements are also met.

All pages use structured, semantic XHTML, relying entirely on CSS for presentation.


All content images used in this site include alt text. Purely decorative graphics include empty alt text.

How do I access PDF files?

Portable Document Format (PDF) files preserve all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and color of a printed document once it is placed on a website. Many documents on our website are provided in PDF format. We have provided a link to download the free Acrobat reader on every page.



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