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    1. 29

      Reps Online Intro Session 4

      2:00 pm    Online with Zoom

      A series of four events to introduce you to your role, TSSA, and how to organise your workplace.


    1. 08

      A Global Conversation on Mental Health

      6:00 pm    Online with Zoom

      To mark World Mental Health Day on October 12th, TSSA will host a conversation between global guests from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on the issues around mental health and explore how we can learn and create change, together.

    2. 09

      Our Five Year Challenge

      11:00 am    Online with Zoom

      An event to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of our Inclusive Rail campaign, our achievements to date and the challenge we have set ourselves to make the railway inclusive of LGBT+ people by 2025. This event is for TSSA LGBT+ Network Members and special guests.


    1. 17

      Challenge Bullying Conference

      10:00 am    Online with Zoom

      As part of Anti-Bullying week TSSA will host an event to explore how we challenge bullying and shift workplace culture to become more inclusive. Hear from and interact with a range of experts and other people who are working to make a difference in this area. This event will now be online.

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