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Inspections & Investigations

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Inspections & Investigations


• To introduce the rights and responsibilities of H&S Reps in conducting inspections and participating in investigations.


• To increase understanding of the trade union approach to H&S.

• To develop practical knowledge of how to undertake an inspection

• To utilise local knowledge and experience of members in improving workplace health and safety

Learning outcomes:

• Understand the legislation giving Reps the right to inspect workplaces

• Understand how to conduct an inspection

• Know how to involve members in the inspection process

• Understand how to report and resolve identified issues

• organising and communication with members around inspections

• Know how to participate effectively within investigations

Scheme of work:

• The course will involve a mix of online self-paced learning and zoom discussions

• The course will last 1 day.

• Links and resources will be available for reference


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