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Reps’ introduction course

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• To introduce the role of TSSA Reps, how we work together, and core



• To increase understanding of the trade union approach to tackling issues.

• To develop skills to begin to effectively address members’ concerns.

• To understand TSSA’s equality agenda and how this benefits all members.

Learning outcomes:

• Understand the key functions of a trade union and the role and responsibilities

of the rep.

• Know how to identify trade union issues in the workplace.

• Understand different means of handling members’ concerns

• Understand how TSSA functions and where to seek support and guidance.

• Understand equal opportunity as a trade union issue.

Scheme of work:

• The course will involve a mix of online self-paced learning and zoom


• The course will last 2 days.

• Links and resources will be available for reference.

• This course will provide a basis for further in-depth training around specific

H&S issues and themes