Young TSSA members at conference 2021


futureTSSA is young members organising for young members around young members' issues and campaigns.  

About futureTSSA

Representing TSSA members under 35  

For many employers, young workers represent an opportunity to reduce wage bills and increase profits. As young people are new to the world of work and unsure of their rights, employers gain further opportunities to reduce wage costs and impose working practices that older workers would be unprepared to accept. 

As young members of the TSSA working in the transport and travel industries, we know what’s going on!  

We know why young people are treated like this! We know the answer! 

futureTSSA provides the opportunity to organise around youth issues, to improve the understanding of trade unions, provide education, and to build activism among under 35s. 

  • Action through self-organisation 
  • Equality through unity 
  • Support and education 
  • Parity with older workers 
  • Workplace respect 

To find out more about what you can do to get involved and organise young workers, contact us on: