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Retired Members

The TSSA Retired Members' Group exists for TSSA members who are now retired and choose to remain as members of the Association by: 

  • Providing support for Association members who are retired and striving to increase their active participation in Union affairs.
  • Campaigning on issues facing Association members, and on matters that have an impact on Retired People. 
  • Raising awareness of Retired People issues within the Association and in society in general.
  • Ensuring the effective representation of the retired Association members.
  • Advising the Association’s Executive Committee on matters relating to issues that concern retired people. 
  • Affiliation to appropriate organisations and working with them on the interests of retired people.  

The RMG is open to all retired Association members who are in receipt of a Company or State Pension, or entitled by qualifying employment to receive a company pension.  


We keep in contact with all those in the Retired Members’ Group through a regular newsletter.

To assist attendance we meet in various towns around the country. We have guest speakers, our meetings are always well attended, and our debates are lively.


If you are a retired TSSA member or entitled by qualifying employment to receive a company pension, and wish to read our newsletters, minutes etc, please visit MyTSSA login.

If you are approaching retirement, or if you have left the TSSA on retirement and wish to rejoin, do contact us at As part of our activities we hold outings to various places of interst. Sometimes these are in conjunction with meetings or as a separate activity. If you would like to suggest an outing for your area please contact

Our meeting programme for 2021 is as follows: 

4th February, 20th May, 23rd September, 18th November (AGM).

These meetings are expected to take place online via Zoom. Final details will be passed to all members through our newsletter and the meetings will last from 11.00 for approximately two hours. You can, of course, join by telephone - if you have any questions please contact  

RMG Committe Members from 1 January 2021

Chair John Rees

Vice Chair Cheryl O'Brien

Secretary Luke Howard

Asst. Secretary Richard Sharp

Treasurer David Porter 

Editor Newsletter Bob Bayley

Pension Matters  Neil Baker

Website Liaison  Tim Young

Committee Member  Steve Whitehead