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TSSA’s President, Treasurer and Executive Committee are all lay members of the union, and are elected by secret individual ballot of the membership.

The President and Treasurer are elected for two-year terms of office, and Executive Committee members for three years. Our General Secretary is also elected every five years by secret ballot under current union legislation.

Nominations have recently closed for April 2021 elections.

The following positions received only one valid nomination and were elected:

TSSA President - Mick Carney (South Eastern Metro Branch)

Anglia & London North East - David Hardman (Anglia South General Branch)

Midlands - Melissa Heywood (East Midlands Railway Branch)

Wales & Western - Gemma Southgate (Wales no. 1 Branch)

Two valid nominations were received for TSSA Treasurer and an election took place between Lesley Pollock (West of Scotland Branch) and Al Stoten (South East Metro Branch).

Two valid nominations were received for the North East Division EC seat. An election took place between Harry Gibb (North East General Branch) and Nicola Jukes (North East Ops Branch).

The elections have now concluded. 

Al Stoten was elected to the position of Treasurer.

Nicola Jukes was elected to the EC seat for the North East Division.

Please see the following forms:

President, Treasurer, EC Elections

202 21 Nomination Form

  Election code of conduct 2018