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Health, Safety & Welfare

TSSA believes that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment that does not jeopardise their personal health, safety and welfare, now or in the future. As a union we are committed to working to ensure that your workplace is a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

TSSA believes that every worker has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in their workplace. We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination in any shape or form.

TSSA is committed to taking on and challenging employers who fall short in providing such working conditions. Where our members suffer injury or ill-heath as a result of negligence, they have access to professional legal advice to help recover damages.

TSSA Personal Injury Claims on 0800 093 0353.

To protect your interests at work the best thing you can do is join TSSA. Joining us is simple and only takes a couple of minutes:

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Health & Safety Reps Wanted.

Health & Safety Reps make a massive difference in the workplace. The DTI report, ‘Workplace Representatives: A Review of Their Facilities & Facility Time’, estimates that safety representatives prevent between 8,000 – 13,000 workplace accidents and between 3,000 – 8,000 work-related illnesses each year.

Health and safety reps have specific rights and duties under health and safety legislation and play an important role in the workplace. Interested in finding out more about the role of a TSSA Health and Safety representative ? Contact your TSSA Organiser or the TSSA Helpdesk on 0800 3282673 

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