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Health and Safety

Do you have a Health & Safety issue in your workplace?

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TSSA believes that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment that does not jeopardise their personal health, safety and welfare, now or in the future.

TSSA is committed to taking on and challenging employers who fall short in providing such working conditions.

TSSA believes that every worker has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in their workplace.

As a union we are committed to working to ensure that your workplace is a safe and comfortable environment.

We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination in any shape or form.

Where our members suffer injury or ill-heath as a result of negligence, they have access to professional legal advice to help recover damages.

TSSA Personal Injury Claims on 0800 093 0353.

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  Brown Book 2015



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CIRAS - the independant, confidential system for reporting concerns regards health and safety in the transport sector.

CIRAS is a totally independent Confidential Reporting scheme for transport across the UK. It provides member organisations with a Corporate Safey Net that ensures safety or other concerns are captured before they become a real issue. CIRAS can receive health, safety, security & environmental concerns from all employees. Employee personal information is always kept confidential. CIRAS liaise with the subscribing organisation, facilitate a resolution to the issue and provide personal feedback to the employee & member organisation

  CIRAS poster Click here to download and print a CIRAS poster for your workplace.

For more info visit the CIRAS website

ORR - The ORR has the responsibility to ensure that those responsible make Britain's railways safe for passengers and provide a safe place for staff to work.

 For more info visit the ORR website

RSSB - Where the rail industry works together understanding risk, guiding standards, managing research, development and innovation and collaborating to improve.

For more info visit the RSSB website

RAIB - The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) is the independent railway accident investigation organisation for the UK. It investigates railway accidents and incidents on the UK's railways to improve safety, not to establish blame.

For more info visit the RAIB website

HSE - The Health and Safety Executive's work covers a varied range of activities; from shaping and reviewing regulations, producing research and statistics and enforcing the law.

 For more info visit the HSE website

Railway Safety Commision (Ireland) - The Railway Safety Commission (RSC) was established under the Railway Safety Act 2005. It has responsibility for matters of railway and cableway safety on passenger carrying systems, freight carrying systems and industrial railways where they interface with public roads.

For more info visit the RSC(I) website

European Railway Agency - The European Railway Agency was set up to help create an integrated railway area by reinforcing safety and interoperability.The Agency also acts as the system authority for the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) project, which has been set up to create unique signalling standards throughout europe.

For more info visit the ERA website

ITF / International Transport Unions Federation - Around 700 unions, representing more than 4.5 million transport workers from 150 countries, are members of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF).

For more info visit the ITF website