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Remote Respect Campaign

The workplace has changed dramatically as a result of Covid-19. Remote working and the remote workplace are not new concepts but are now the daily reality for many TSSA members. As in the physical workplace, the way we communicate has impact, whether positive or negative. Health and well-being while working remotely will be a multi-faceted and important factor in the remotely respectful workplace.

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Our campaign will focus initially on three areas with regards to the remote workplace:

  1. Respecting our health & wellbeing
  2. Behaving respectfully and challenging bullying & harassment
  3. Managing respectfully in the remote workplace

Your stories and ideas

This page is your TSSA space. We are here to support you in your remote workplace and we want to hear from you about how it’s going. The union will continue to uphold your rights and expectations of how you are treated at work and we would like to share best practice and positive stories as these arise. Updates on Covid-19 and developments in the transport and travel industry will appear here as they become available and there will be interactive tools for you to use. Please give us your feedback below on what you feel is respect in the remote workplace:


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