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Remote Respect Toolkit

Show your support for Remote Respect by taking a small action from our toolkit:

  1. Add a Social Media Profile Frame (click here: SocialMediaFrame)
  2. Take a pic of yourself holding a Remote Respect Poster (click here: PostersRemoteRespect)
  3. Socially Distant not Emotionally Distant - Share your story or send a message to a transport key worker (click here: SocialEmotional)
  4. Go Social - pics and posts for social media (click here: GoSocial)

Our tool kit contains multiple ways you can get involved and show your support and awareness for our Remote Respect campaign.

Social Media Profile Frame

Be Social media visible with our dedicated Remote Respect Facebook frame. Simply follow the instructions below to change yours now.

Simply follow this link to activate:  


  1. Go to your profile in the Facebook app and tap "Edit" on your profile picture.
  2. Then tap ‘Add frame’. Use the Search box at the top of the screen and search ‘TSSA’ Select our Remote Respect frame.
  3. Adjust image to suit and select ‘Save’


Support the campaign by downloading and sharing a remote respect poster. Why not tell us how you are building remote respect by taking a picture with our hold up poster? Download your hold up poster here:   Remote Respect Hold Up Poster

Send your pics to

Socially Distant not Emotionally Distant

Even if you are working remotely, you can keep connected through our Remote Respect Campaign. Every workplace has a story and we would like to hear yours. Tell us how you are winning at remote working or examples of how you are managing respectfully in the remote workplace. Simply fill in the form so we can spotlight how you and other members are winning together:

And if you are working from home, you can also send us a message of support for fellow TSSA members who are still working with the public to keep transport going. Send your pictures or video messages to: or post to our TSSA Union facebook page

Going Social

Share your action and support online by using #RemoteRespect across all your social media platforms. You can also use the example post below to get you started: 

I'm promoting respect while working remotely by:

1. Respecting our health & wellbeing

2. Behaving respectfully and challenging bullying and harassment

3. Managing respctfully in the remote workplace

#RemoteRespect #TSSA

Why not take a picture of your team video call and share it to promote your remote respect? (Props such as hats and fancy dress are highly encouraged.). Send your pic or video to

Keep watching this page for more ways you can promote and support Remote Respect.