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Mental health & wellbeing

Creating positive change for members

TSSA - Mental health and wellbeing

TSSA has pledged to change the way we think about mental health. Along with other employers in the transport and travel industries. We will explore ways to create positive change in our industries through our Mental Health & Wellbeing Community of Practice approach to education.

Events and other learning opportunities will be added regularly. If you are interested in a topic but there are no events yet, please join the Community of Practice to receive information and engage with others on the subject theme.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Bargaining Standard

B1  Engage with TSSA on issues regarding workplace culture, safety culture and inclusivity and share information on the same

B2  Sign the Rail Mental Health Charter or equivalent Employer Pledge demonstrating senior management support and commitment to end discrimination and stigma.

B3  Recognition of TSSA Health & Safety Representatives, and Equality Representatives (includes paid facility time)

B4  Have policies in place, develop new policies, or review existing policies in consultation with TSSA representatives, specifically policies that address:

  • The preservation and promotion of mental health and wellbeing by all staff
  • Supporting staff with mental ill health, including the roles and responsibilities of line managers
  • Handling of disclosure of disability and other information
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Tackling discrimination, bullying and harassment, with explicit examples of these on the grounds of disability or ill-health due to a mental health condition
  • Mitigating mental health and wellbeing impacts in people-related procedures and others that are linked to the causes of stress at work including:
    • managing workplace change
    • performance appraisals, management and associated pay systems
    • workload, job design and evaluation
    • workforce development and planning
  • Mental health and wellbeing in health and safety stress management and prevention
  • Implementation of any employer guidelines or guidance that exists in the above policy areas in relation to mental health & wellbeing, that guidance will be followed unless there are circumstances that restrict the ability to follow the guidance. If a guidance is not followed there is a reason provided that will be made available to TSSA workplace representatives on request

B5  Establish a committee or action group, that includes TSSA Equality and Health & Safety representatives, whose remit it is to develop a mental health at work plan.

B6  Conduct Equality Impact Assessments and if applicable, comply with the public sector equality duty

B7  Conduct work-related stress assessment in conjunction with TSSA Health & Safety Representatives. This will comply with the HSE’s Stress Management Standards and TSSA Health & Safety policies and guidelines.

B8  Agreement / commitment in writing to work with TSSA and its workplace representatives on solutions and initiatives to maintain mental health wellbeing and reduce discrimination and stigma. This will give our members confidence that they will be able to freely engage in workplace mental health activities.

B9  All staff are communicated with regularly regarding the availability of information about mental health and wellbeing and how to access support for those affected by mental ill health, including the support provided by TSSA representatives.

B10  Provide paid release for any TSSA Representatives to attend TSSA approved mental health and wellbeing specialist training and continuing professional development (CPD), in addition to other union training specific to their role.