Circular plaque marking the founding place of TSSA for TSSA's 125th anniversary

Plaque unveiled to mark TSSA's 125th Anniversary

TSSA 125 anniversary plaque unveiled

Plaque unveiled in Sheffield to mark TSSA 125

TSSA historian Malcolm Wallace unveiled a plaque commemorating the founding of TSSA 125 years ago on 5 December 2022 at the site where it all began in 1897.

The National Association of General Railway Clerks was founded in 1897 at the Wilberforce Cafe in Sheffield (now Wicker Pharmacy). It became the Railway Clerks' Association shortly afterwards, and then TSSA in 1951.

Unveiling the plaque on the building that now stands on the site of the Wilberforce Cafe, Malcolm dedicated it to the thousands of ordinary railway and other transport workers who have played their parts over many years in shaping what is a major industry vital to the country's economy.

The ceremony marked the end of TSSA's 125th anniversary year, which saw the union's Annual Conference and a number of special TSSA125 events held in May in Sheffield.