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  Legal Services

The TSSA Solicitors in the Republic of Ireland are Kent Carty. Kent Carty Solicitors providing a wide range of legal services to Members and their Families.

Kent Carty’s knowledge and experience will ensure all Members receive expert, practical and cost- efficient solutions to a wide range of problems.

The firm has invested in staff education, in-house training, technology and management systems to ensure all Members continuously receive effective and efficient services at all times.

TSSA Members should immediately avail of Kent Carty’s services if they are involved in any work place or non work place accident or where they require advice on any other matter e.g. property, medical negligence, will making etc...

If however a Member’s complaint relates to an employment matter, they must go through their Shop Steward and Full Time Official who will, if necessary refer them directly to one of Kent Carty’s solicitors.

TSSA Members are offered a diverse range of legal services by this firm which include;

  • Personal Injury
  • Wills and Probate
  • Residential Property
  • Mortgaging and Remortgaging
  • Employment Law
  • Separation & Divorce
  • Unmarried Couples
  • Defamation
  • Medical Negligence
  • Professional Negligence
  • Pensions Law
  • Mediation

Personal Injury
Kent Carty are specialists in the field of Personal Injury actions. They understand the serious repercussions that can result from injuries whether they are personal or financial. They will advise Members on what damages they are entitled to and process those claims through the Injuries Board and the Courts.

The costs associated with running personal injury cases are significant and have only increased with time. Expert reports and other outlays often run into thousands of euro. TSSA Members availing of Kent Carty services will not have to worry about such costs. Where required, Kent Carty will cover the cost of expert reports and other outlays ensuring Members are not exposed to further financial burden. TSSA Members may also avail of Kent Carty’s private physiotherapy services. For more information please contact Killian Carty on 01-8658838 or by email

Wills and Probate
All TSSA Members are advised to make a Will. By doing so Members will ensure they look after those who matter most in a tax efficient manner. Your Will should be updated every 3 years or if there is a change in your circumstances. Kent Carty provides a free Will writing service to all TSSA Members.

For more information please contact Cormac Carty directly by email or telephone 01-8658823 or see their website.

Kent Carty also provides Probate services to Members ensuring an efficient and professional service at all times. Regardless of whether a person has passed away with or without a Will, Members will be able to immediately avail of advice on what to do to ensure a loved one’s property is correctly handled. For more information please contact Cormac Carty directly by email or telephone 01-8658823 or see their website.

Residential Property
Kent Carty provides a high quality, affordable service to Members when it comes to the buying and selling of Members residential property. Costs are straightforward with no hidden charges.

Sales Timeline
Following receipt of your instructions to sell your property Kent Carty will take up your Title Deeds from your Lending Institution (if you have a mortgage).
After reviewing your Title, Contracts for Sale and associated Deeds will be drafted and forwarded to the buyer’s solicitors.
Pre- Contract enquiries raised by the purchaser’s solicitor will be responded to promptly. Once terms and conditions have been agreed, contracts will be signed by all parties and the purchaser’s deposit will be held on trust.
All correspondence, calls and emails from solicitors, estate agents or other relevant persons will be responded to promptly.
At closing, (a date set in the future), the balance of purchase monies will be paid and the keys to the property will be handed over to the purchaser.

Purchase monies received will then be transferred to your lending institution to clear your outstanding mortgage (or directly to you where a mortgage exists).
Where any tax implications arise such as Capital Gains Tax or House Hold Charges, Kent Carty will advise Members on their tax liability and will thereafter discharge those liabilities from the proceeds of sale. The balance remaining will then be directly transferred to the Mortgage Lender or Member as appropriate.
For more information please contact Cormac Carty directly by email or telephone 01-8658823

Purchase Timeline
On receipt of your instructions Kent Carty will request the solicitors for the seller to provide Contracts of Sale with supporting title documentation.
Where a mortgage has be obtained to purchase the property, Kent Carty will advice on its terms and conditions and confirm all mortgage monies will be available in advance of the purchase completing.
All necessary searches will be carried out and reviewed with title documentation. Technical and general queries will then be raised with the seller’s solicitors.
Following satisfactory replies, terms and conditions of the Contract of Sale can be agreed. Prior to purchase final searches are made
On the completion day you will receive the keys to your new property.
After completion Kent Carty will register the owners of the property with the Land Registry and ensure all applicable taxes such as stamp duty are paid to the Revenue Commissioners. Finally your Title Deeds will be returned to your Mortgage Lender to hold as security for mortgage monies provided. Where no mortgage is obtained Title Deeds will be returned you. Alternatively you may instruct Kent Carty to retain your Title Deeds for safe keeping at no charge.
For more information please contact Cormac Carty directly by email or telephone 01-8658823

Mortgaging and Remortgaging

After you have arranged a Mortgage or Remortgage on your property you may instruct Kent Carty to look after the legal requirements which your Mortgage Lender will insist on before you can drawdown on the monies being lent to you. On receipt of your instructions, Kent Carty will;
Obtain your authority to take up your Title Deeds from your current Mortgage Lender

After they will be reviewed and all necessary searches required will be carried out.
As soon as correct Title to the property is establish Kent Carty will confirm same to your Mortgage Lender and undertake to meet the terms and conditions of the Mortgage agreement.
Before the transaction is completed, Kent Carty will carry out final searches connected with Members property.
Where remortgaging, Kent Carty will drawn down the mortgage monies lent and forward same to your previous mortgage lender to clear your original mortgage. Any balance monies left over will be forwarded directly to you as per the terms of the Mortgage agreement. Where a typical mortgage is obtained, monies will be drawn down and sent directly to you to use as per the terms of your mortgage agreement.
After drawdown of your mortgage is completed, Kent Carty will register your Mortgage Lenders security with the Land Registry and will finally forward them your Titled Deeds which they will hold as security until your mortgage is cleared.
For more information please contact Cormac Carty directly by email or telephone 01-8658823

Employment law
Kent Carty specialise in employment law for the TSSA and their Members. Where a Member’s complaint relates to an employment matter, they must go through their Shop Steward and Full Time Official who will, if necessary refer them directly to one of Kent Carty’s employment department solicitors.

Separation & Divorce
Kent Carty can provide Members with expert professional advice on Separation and Divorce. Members and their Families will be advised on their entitlements and the best course of action to bring closure to an extremely difficult time. Kent Carty are mindful of the costs which can be incurred in such cases and will discuss all financial implications thoroughly with Members before any decisions are made. Whether your Separation or Divorce is dealt with by mutual agreement, mediation or through the courts, Kent Carty will be able to provide Members with the clear expert advice they require. For more information on separation and divorce law please contact Shane Carty on 01-865 8834 or email

Unmarried Couples
The laws governing relationships between non-married co-habiting couples has undergone radical change in the last few years. It is now possible for non-married co-habiting couples to acquire legal rights to the common property all of which will now need to be taken into consideration especially where children are concerned. Kent Carty can provide Members and their Families with clear expert advice on these new legal changes and what if any tax, salary or pension implications might apply. For more information on co-habitation rights please contact Shane Carty on 01-865 8834 or email

Defamation is the abuse of a person’s good name. Remedies to restore a person’s good name plus compensation are available through the courts. Kent Carty will advise Members on how best to assert their legal rights to vindicate their good name and on what level of compensation is appropriate. Kent Carty has significant expertise in dealing with defamation actions. For more information on defamation please contact John Carty on 01-8658800 or email or Gavan Carty on 01- 8658812 or

Medical Negligence
Kent Carty understands the significant emotional and financial repercussions which result from medical accidents. Members wishing to investigate whether or not a medical accident was caused by negligence on the part of a hospital and/or consultant/medical practitioner should immediately telephone John Carty on 01-8658801 (email or Killian Carty on 01- 8658838 (email to discuss. Members will be advised on what is required to commence such a claim and will be fully advised at every step to ensure a professional and expert service is provided to them at all times. Delay in commencing an action could result in a claimant becoming statute barred from proceeding with an action; therefore it is imperative that Members and their Family consult Kent Carty as soon as possible to ascertain what rules apply to their case.

Professional Negligence
Whenever a person uses the services of a professional such as an Architect, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer etc... they are entitled to receive the standard of care reasonably expected of such professionals. Kent Carty advises Members on the standard of service they are entitled to receive from such professionals and on appropriate remedies and compensation through Mediation and the Courts. Kent Carty will advise Members on the most effective and efficient course of action to resolve their case. Kent Carty is a member of the Law Society panel for taking actions against legal professionals. For more information on professional negligence please contact John Carty on 01- 8658800 or email

Pensions Law
In these difficult financial times many employees, former employees and pensioners have a significant part of their assets tied up in company pension funds. Sadly many such funds are now showing deficits. All too often the administration of these schemes is opaque and it is difficult for individual Members to understand their own entitlements and to establish the satisfactory management of their funds. Perhaps, the scheme Trustees may lack sufficient independence from the employer or even have insufficient technical expertise to cope with the present challenging conditions. In extreme cases, employers may cease trading and leave a substantial deficit in the fund which will then have to be wound up. In other cases, employers who remain in business may seek to make radical modifications to the rules of the scheme with the potential of reducing Members' benefits. Employees in the public sector going through a process of redundancy or early retirement may be faced with complex issues relating to past service credits or where actuarial reductions may be imposed with a resulting reduction in their pension benefits.

If you are uncertain of your position in such a scheme or if you have concerns about the validity of actions by the Trustees or Employer, Kent Carty can offer you advice and help on all areas of pensions law. They will help you in obtaining information about the progress of your fund, the impact of any proposed changes on your benefits and will represent you in any necessary negotiations with the Trustees of the scheme or its administrators. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience of the legal aspects of such schemes and with access to financial, investment and actuarial expertise where it is needed. For more information on pensions law please contact Hugh Carty on 01-865 8800 or email

Where disagreement arises between persons or a group of individuals Mediation may be availed of to negotiate a consensual and informed settlement of the disagreement. Kent Carty provide fully accredited mediators and facilities to listen to and negotiate settlements in a mutually agreeable structure and provide legally binding contracts which fairly reflect the terms agreed to by the parties. Mediation is a strictly without prejudice process and anything said or produced at Mediation by any person or group can not be repeated or used against another once the Mediation process has concluded. The content of the Mediation process is strictly private and can not be repeated or republished without agreement. Kent Carty is also qualified to represent persons or groups at Mediations. For more information on your Mediation options please contact Hugh Carty on 01- 8658800 or email or Jim O’Higgins on 01-8658819 or email

For more information on what legal services can be provided to you as a member of the TSSA please call Killian Carty on 01- 8658838 or email For further information please visit their website

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