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  1. Eurostar and Brexit

    14 November 2017

    As the UK Government's Brexit shambles continues on, what is your Union doing to defend members at Eurostar? - a unique company employing a very special international workforce.

  2. Eurostar: 2017 Pay Referendum Result

    25 May 2017

    TSSA members working for Eurostar have overwhelmingly accepted the Company's pay offer for 2017 in a referendum which closed earlier today.

  3. Eurostar: Nominations for SNCF European Works Council

    23 May 2017

    We have today received notification from Eurostar that SNCF are seeking nominations for a Eurostar representative on the European Works Council (EWC). The timescales are very tight, with less than a week for the completion and return of nomination papers.

  4. Eurostar: 2017 Pay Referendum

    9 May 2017

    We have now received written confirmation of the full and final 2017 pay offer from Eurostar following a further meeting held last week. The offer is for a phased increase to basic pay and job related allowances to a level above inflation. The offer also increases the home to work travel allowance above inflation, introduces an enhanced overtime rate for front line operational staff, and includes a review of some important policies and procedures.

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