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The UK’s first and only high speed rail line (until HS2 is operational).

About Eurostar

Eurostar has revolutionised travel between the UK and continental Europe. In 2019, the service carried over 11million passengers, providing over 80% of journeys between London and each of Paris and Brussels.

The popular city centre to city centre link also delivers 80% lower emissions per route than flying, saving 60,000 short-haul flights each year. But covid hit Eurostar, along with all international travel, especially hard with just one train a day running for much of 2021, revenue through the floor and debt mounting.  

Covid-19 hit Eurostar hard, with lost services costing the company £1m a day. Other industries - notably for comparison, airlines – have received significant financial support from the Tory government, but Eurostar has only been able to access Furlough. Now that, too, is coming to an end

TSSA in Eurostar

TSSA represents salaried staff working for Eurostar and Eurotunnel, including those working as international train managers, on board staff, control staff, planning managers and more. Our members are highly trained and experienced. Many speak multiple languages.

Our TSSA reps in Eurostar are a brilliant group who work tirelessly for members across different Eurostar workplaces.

Together for Eurostar campaign

Find out about our joint campaign to save Eurostar in the face of covid cuts.

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