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About Us

TSSA is an independent trade union for the transport and travel trade industries. We have thousands of members right across the UK and Ireland, working for the railways and associated companies, as well as ferries, bus services and the travel trade.

We win for you at work. TSSA secures quality pay rises, protects jobs, enhances terms and conditions and ensures safe workplaces for our members.

TSSA members work in a variety of companies, including Network Rail, Transport for London, HS2, Transport for Wales and a wide range of TOCs and FOCs, from LNER to Scot Rail to C2C, Abellio, DB Cargo, Cal Mac and more. Check the drop down list of companies to get a fuller picture.

Our members are control centre staff, engineers, ticket office, gate staff and a wide range of operational and support roles right across our railways, buses and ferries. Our travel trade members work in retail outlets across the country. TSSA members have expertise in the running of our transport networks from design to delivery.

As a union, we are committed to securing public ownership of our railways and bus services. We want to see a massive shift of passenger and freight transport from road and air onto rail to help cut our carbon emissions and tackle climate change. We support HS2 as part of this and for investment in a railway fit for the 21st century.

TSSA is affiliated to the TUC and to the Labour Party. We take an active role in both. We represent our members from workplace to boardroom to the heart of government.


Do you need further help or advice? Have you a query about TSSA? Do you want to know more about us and our services?

TSSA members can help us to keep in touch by updating your contact details through MyTSSA or contacting our Membership department by email at or telephone 020 73872101. 

Members can also email general enquiries, however if you have an ongoing case you should contact the member of staff concerned, or ask the Helpdesk if they can assist.

Members should phone our Helpdesk 0800 328 2673 (UK) 1800  805 272 (ROI) whilst others can call us on 020 73872101 or email

Please also see our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Accessability advice.

Unsolicited Commercial Enquiries

We do not appreciate unsolicited commercial enquiries or sales approaches; these reduce dramatically the likelihood of us using your company. Publication of our contact details should not be taken as an invitation to waste our time and yours with speculative approaches.