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Employment rights

This section of the website provides general guidance on employment rights and legislation.

The advice in these briefs provides some basic details on employment law. They do not attempt to describe every aspect, and should not be regarded as an authoritative statement of the law in any particular case.

TSSA members should, where necessary, seek advice from their staff reps, the TSSA Helpdesk or their Organising team.

A glossary of legal terms

This brief explains the most common legal terms and phrases used in employment law.

Advice to members in the event of redundancy

What is redundancy? - What can I expect from my employer? - Will I get a redundancy payment? - How much notice will I get? - What about any outstanding pay I am owed? - What about other benefits? - Can I look for another job?

Data Protection Act - briefing for TSSA reps and officers

This briefing covers disclosure of TSSA membership details to third parties (including to employers), privacy and security of personal data on TSSA members and processing of personal data on non-TSSA members.


This brief describes the nine protected characteristics and the four types of discrimination that may lead to a claim for unlawful discrimination in an employment tribunal.

Employment Tribunals

This brief explains the basics about employment tribunals.

Employment Tribunal Applications

This brief explains how to make an application, and the grounds that

Labour Research Department (LRD)

This provides an overview of the services and activities of the Labour Research Department.

National Minimum wage

The national minimum wage for workers over the age of 21 is currently £5.93 and is to rise to £6.08 in October 2011.

Part-time workers regulations

The Part-Time Work Regulations came into effect on 1 July 2000. These Regulations implement the European Part Time Work Directive.

Redundancy - a legal definition

Redundancy - alternative work

Redundancy - consultation

Redundancy - entitlement to redundancy pay

Redundancy - pay

Redundancy - selection criteria and procedures

Redundancy - time off to seek other work

TUPE - a guide to the regulations

This brief describes the purpose of the TUPE regulations, what is covered by the regulations, the employer and employee position in a transfer, redundancy and union recognition.

TUPE - consultation and information rights

This brief on the TUPE regulations deals with information and consultation rights and the rights of representatives.

TUPE - remedies for breaches of the regulations

This brief on the TUPE regulations deals with complaints to an employment tribunal and tribunal awards.

Working Time Regulations (1998)

This brief on the Working Time Regulations (1998) provides guidance notes for lay representatives.