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TSSA has always campaigned for good quality occupational and state pensions for all workers so they are able to enjoy a decent standard of living in retirement.

TSSA rejects the ‘work ‘til you drop’ culture promoted by government and leaders of industry. We are opposed to moves by employers and government to increase retirement age, close defined benefit (final salary) schemes and cut benefits.

Whilst people living longer and other issues may have created funding problems for many company pension schemes, TSSA considers that there is still a place for such schemes that are affordable and sustainable. Even so called ‘gold-plated’ pension schemes provide only modest pensions for most members and are used as an excuse to undermine decent pension provisions for all.

The information here provides some basic details on pensions and pension law. It does not attempt to describe every aspect, and should not be regarded as an authoritative statement of the law in any particular case.

Any developments relating to pensions issues in the organisation you work for will be covered in the Company News area of this website. Your company pension scheme administrator is probably the best first point of contact if you have query specifically about your company pension benefit entitlements.

TSSA members should, where necessary, seek advice from your staff reps, the TSSA Helpdesk or your Senior/Regional Organiser.

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