Have Your Say On Amey Pay. Reps Recommend You Vote To REJECT Real Terms Pay Cut

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Amey Pay Referendum 2023.

Amey have made an offer of a 6% increase on pay and allowances, with a minimum increase of £2,200, from 1 March 2023. The offer includes separate limited commitments to no compulsory redundancies which expire on 1 September 2023 in Consulting, and 1 January 2024 for Rail Operations.

You can view the full offer here

Your reps considered the offer in against the pay claim based on this year's members' survey and in the economic context you are all enduring.

Although the headline percentage increase is equal to last year's agreed deal, your members' pay claim survey gave TSSA negotiators a mandate to protect the value of your wages against the established reference of RPI inflation for January. The rate this year was 13.4%, up from last year's 7.8%. Whereas 6% gave a level of insulation from the erosion of your wages last year, the worsening cost of living crisis means that inflationary pressures have increased drastically in 2023 and this would constitute a substantial pay cut in real terms.  

Your reps recommend that Amey members vote to REJECT the company's below inflation pay offer, which fails to provide guaranteed job security for the duration of the deal, and fails to deliver a cost of living pay rise.

Improvements may be achievable if you support a strong mandate to reject the offer and a demand for genuine negotiations supported by potential industrial action if the company refuse.

Improvements unlikely without strong support for industrial action

The company are only likely to be persuaded to improve their offer if a significant majority of members vote to reject this deal and show that they are prepared to take industrial action if necessary.

Members who vote to reject the offer are encouraged to indicate the action they may be willing to take to seek a cost of living increase and commitment to protect members from the risk of compulsory redundancies.

Have your say on Amey Pay here!

Our pay claim

Thanks to everyone who voted in our Amey members’ pay claim survey.

Your reps carefully considered your views when setting out a pay claim that reflected members’ clear priorities on  specific elements:

  • a substantial increase in the basic rates of pay and other allowances that will lead to a material improvement in the standard of living for our members
  • a No Compulsory Redundancy Agreement for the duration of the deal
  • A reduction in the working week and improved overtime pay
  • Delivery on the 2022 commitment to review company policies and procedures
  • Improved pension benefits

Members can view the full claim we presented to the company via our website here

Your reps recommend that you vote to reject the offer. Substantial improvements will require a strong mandate from members indicating support for an industrial action ballot if the company refuse to participate in further negotiations.

The survey will close at 09:00 Tuesday 30 May

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