Avanti West Coast: ATG Agency Roles

TSSA Stations Company Council Representatives – including the full-time officer – attended a meeting on Wednesday 31 August at which the company presented a precis entitled ‘Avanti West Coast: ATG Agency Roles’.

In this document, management requested the company council’s agreement that Avanti be permitted to utilise eighteen agency staff, at some stations where they have ATGs, for a three-month period between September and December 2022. It was proposed to locate these staff at Birmingham New Street, Manchester Piccadilly, Rugby, Stockport, and Stoke-on-Trent to cover vacant lines whilst permanent members of staff were trained. Although they were to be based at these stations originally, the company reserved the right to move them for the purpose of providing cover elsewhere.

The Stations Company Council rejected the precis on the basis that there was no existing agreement to use agency staff in any circumstances.  After an adjournment, management informed the council that they had considered its response but, nevertheless, intended to implement their plan regardless, and they will confirm this in writing.

A failure to agree was registered by the Stations Company Council and representatives will meet this week to discuss next steps including the possibility of a ballot for industrial action.

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