TSSA/Avanti Dispute Update

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At a recent meeting with TSSA Avanti reps they agreed they were prepared to withdraw the dispute with the employer dependent on two points:

* The issue and dispute over pay is dealt with separately.

* That Avanti implements the resolutions to those items which have been agreed by Stations Company Council prior to the dispute being withdrawn.

The items in dispute were as follows:

1. A failure to enter pay negotiations for 2021/22 and effectively imposing a pay freeze on staff.

2. A failure on the part of the company to reinstate the original working arrangements that pertained prior to those changes imposed by the company as a result of covid.

3. A refusal by the company to fill vacancies, resulting in unacceptable workloads for existing staff.

4. The extension of gate line hours at a number of stations without agreement and the failure of the company to adequately resource that change.

5. The imposition of rosters with regard to gate lines, thus breaching established procedures and agreements.

6. A failure to apply agreed contractual payments relating to increments payable for achieving certain competencies.

7. A failure to cover staff released from normal duties to give or receive training for the new PICO ticketing system.


Item 1 will be addressed in new pay talks; TSSA have also demanded that Avanti make a commitment to NO compulsory redundancies.

Items 2, 3, and 7 are currently being addressed at a local level based on staffing requirements at individual stations. Since the dispute was initiated there has been a surge in covid cases and business has not taken a significant upturn, however Avanti have agreed that the vacancies remain open and will be filled on a case-by-case basis dependent on business levels. Stations Company Council have accepted this position as long the correct procedure is followed and that local representatives are consulted and involved in roster negotiations. Any subsequent Failures to Agree will be referred to Stations’ Company Council. Members should report any staffing issues to local representatives immediately.

Items 4 and 5: Stations’ Company Council have reached agreement on gateline hours at Birmingham New Street and other stations and, consequently, removed any threat of agency staff being employed in these roles.

Item 6 will be remedied when the dispute is withdrawn.

Therefore, we have written to Avanti management to inform them that TSSA is no longer in dispute with the employer. You should be aware that RMT have also done this.

It is important to note, once again, that the overwhelming reason that TSSA members voted to take industrial action in November 2021 was pay and this has not yet been resolved. TSSA – and its sister unions – have decided to tackle this issue in new talks which we expect to begin soon. In the meantime, please follow the link below to our My TSSA portal to ensure that all your details are correct as this may be crucially important as the year progresses.

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