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DRS Pay Award 2023/24 15th November

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DRS have undermined the collective bargaining procedure by publishing the details of a pay offer before TSSA had agreed to put it before members.

Normally, TSSA would ballot an improved offer, however in this case the enhanced prospective award came with an added condition: that members accept the implementation of a new pay system.

TSSA have made it clear that the decision to introduce the new system is of such importance that it should be taken separately and not tied in with any other vote.

In fact, TSSA made an offer to management to ballot BOTH the pay offer and the introduction of the new pay system separately, but simultaneously. We also insisted that the former should not depend on the latter.

DRS, nevertheless, refused this compromise, maintaining that the pay award was dependent on the new system. Management then decided to publicise the offer, undermining the positions of your appointed representatives, who work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best deal for you and your colleagues.

TSSA is of the opinion that this was a deliberate attempt to cause division and tantamount to offering a financial inducement to accept a change to terms and conditions, which may not be beneficial to all employed by DRS.

Your reps and full-time official will be meeting with our counterparts from Prospect (the union recognised by INS) to discuss our strategy going forward and will contact you again following that.

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