Have your say at Railpen on Pay & Working Flexibly

The vote is now open for TSSA members at Railpen to have their say on Pay for 2022. Members can also vote on the company's proposal to remove formal flexi-time and replace it with a trust-based system they are calling 'Working Flexibly'.

TSSA Reps at Railpen support the new proposal for Working Flexibly.

"We have been working this way for almost 2 years.  No one will be worse off than they were under flexi-time, and some will have more flexibility around their working pattern.  You will still be able to take ½ and full days absence (with usual line manager approval)."

TSSA Reps are also recommending the pay offer made by Railpen.

"Fair budget offer substantially above the September CPI that has taken into account recent inflation.  Railpen have agreed to TSSA request that anyone who has received 0% for last 2 years due to bench marking will receive an increase this year."

Voting opens Tuesday 25th January and will continue until 1200 Monday 31st January. Check your members emails for information on the issues and the link to vote, or contact your workplace reps.

For more on the pay offer and on Working Flexibly, talk to your workplace reps and make sure you check the information on our TSSA website, before you have your say.