Key commitments won for TSSA members on Working Flexibly at Railpen

TSSA and Railpen have now concluded discussions on the removal of formal Flexi-Time and the introduction of 'Working Flexibly'. The initiative was proposed by Railpen, and as it constitutes a change to terms and conditions the company are required to consult and negotiate with their recognised union. Your TSSA reps sought to ensure that the interests of our members would be met by the new approach.

TSSA members voted in favour of Working Flexibly in a survey referendum last month.

Whilst support was significantly in favour of the change, concerns were raised by members about the number of hours they are currently working and what will happen should their requests for flexibility or time off be declined by their line manager. Your reps sought commitments from the company to address all concerns whilst retaining the flexibility people have enjoyed through Flexi-Time and the temporary arrangements due to the pandemic.

Key commitments from the company include named measures to protect people from working excessive hours and a guarantee that no one will have less flexibility than under the former Flexi-Time arrangements. The company have also agreed to conduct risk assessments with our TSSA Reps and review the new Working Flexibly arrangements regularly. In addition, your reps have asked that people be provided tools to help them track their own hours, should they wish to. This was agreed by Railpen.

The commitments from Railpen are outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TSSA. You can find a copy of this in our Railpen Hub on the TSSA website. A copy of the current Working Flexibly Guidance is also accessible for members there. The guidance may evolve as Working Flexibly is reviewed and any issues are addressed with our TSSA Reps, so please keep in touch with your Reps about how Working Flexibly is working for you.

Your TSSA Reps are there for you and your colleagues. They want to hear from you. 

To find out more contact your TSSA Reps today. You can find their details on your company hub on our TSSA website, under the 'Reps' tab, or contact our TSSA Helpdesk.

‘Working Flexibly’ is not the same as a Flexible Working request or agreement. 

For more information, see:

  1. Your Railpen News page for our previous article that explains what you need to know about Working Flexibly.
  2. Your Railpen Documents page for the Working Flexibly Guidance

Need flexibility because of your disability? 

Flexibility in your work patterns and structure can be considered a reasonable adjustment to support you and therefore comes under the Equality Act. To find out more speak with your TSSA Reps today.

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