Siemens Mobility Pay 2023: Ballot Result

Siemens Mobility management made the following pay offer to staff recently:

Effective from 1st Jan 2023:

• 6% as the starting point for those on 95%-105% of benchmark salary.

• This will be adjusted up or down based upon pay for growth principles – some will get less and some more than 6%

• There will be a minimum increase of £2,000 for all FT employee (pro rata for PT).  No matter where people are within organisation, the minimum increase they will get is £2,000.  Some exclusions apply*

• Everyone employed by us (excluding apprentices) will meet the May 2023 Real Living Wage from January 2023 which is earlier than usual. 

 As usual there will be some excluded individuals *

• Those joining or promoted 1st October 2022 to 1st January 2023

• Those on disciplinary warnings or formal performance process (PIP)

• Those without appropriate IRSE licence (pay increase will be implemented once IRSE licence is achieved)

• ELT - interns, graduate and apprentices – they are on different reward principles

The result of the ballot on the pay offer, above was:

YES – ACCEPT:  47.7%

NO – REJECT:    52.3%

The pay offer was therefore REJECTED; management have been informed and TSSA have invited them to submit an improved offer to staff.