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Call for TSSA Health & Safety Reps in Siemens

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TSSA is looking for health and safety representatives in Siemens Mobility. 

Reps make a difference

Union health and safety reps make a massive difference in the workplace – a government report published in 2007 estimated that the activities of union health and safety reps prevented between 8,000 and 13,000 accidents and between 3,000 and 8,000 fewer work-related illnesses, saving society somewhere in the range of £250 million to £800 million at 2021 prices.

The very important role that our health and safety reps play in representing our members and keeping them safe at work is therefore valued highly by TSSA.

TSSA is committed to ensuring that our reps, including our health and safety reps, have the skills and confidence they need to do carry out their role, and hopefully to enjoy it!

Reps should continuously develop their skills and knowledge whilst in the role.

TSSA will provide ongoing support, information and advice. The health and safety pages on the TSSA website provide comprehensive information and materials, including the health and safety reps’ toolkit. There are also links to other useful websites.

What H&S reps do

The role of the health and safety representative is independent of management. Representatives are there to represent the interests and concerns of their co-workers and respond on their behalf. They provide valuable insight, skills and resources that help employers and their co-workers.

Representatives’ functions

If you are a trade union health and safety representative then by law you can perform certain functions. (These are not legal duties). These are:

  • investigating potential hazards and dangerous occurrences at the workplace and examine the causes of accidents at the workplace
  • investigating complaints by any employee relating to health, safety or welfare at work
  • taking up health, safety or welfare issues with the employer
  • representing workers in talks with the employer or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or other safety enforcement agencies and get information from them carrying out inspections at least four times a year or following any substantial chang
  • attending meetings of safety committees where the rep attends in their capacity as a safety representative in connection with any of the above functions.

The employer’s legal duties to representatives

 The employer also has certain legal duties. They must:

  • consult health and safety representatives in good time on any health and safety matters, including any changes to the workplace or work organisation.
  • give representatives the information necessary to enable them to fulfil their functions or to respond to any consultation
  • this should include the risks arising from their work, the measures in place or proposals to control these risks, and what
  • they should do if they are exposed to a risk, including emergency procedures
  • give health and safety representatives the paid time they need to carry out their
  • functions and to undergo training in those functions; and pay any reasonable costs to do with that training, including travel and subsistence costs
  • provide any facilities and assistance that health and safety representatives will need to carry out their role –  this may include access to a telephone and quiet area, a lockable cabinet or desk, intranet facilities, a photocopier and a notice board.

If YOU are interested in becomining a TSSA health and safety rep, please register your interest by emailing TSSA Organiser Lou George at

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