Siemens: Referendum on revised pay offer

Consultation between the business and the Company Council over tester and construction harmonisation of hours has now concluded. 

The basis of the harmonisation will offer employees the option to opt in where if they wish too, but all new hires and promotions will have the new terms. 

This  has been agreed/supported by your representatives.

This now leaves us in a position where we can present a full offer to our members for you to review and let us know if you wish to accept or reject the offer.

The offer in full is as follows:

  • Effective from 1st Jan 2023
  • 6% as the starting point for those on 95%-105% of benchmark salary.
  • This will be adjusted up or down based upon pay for growth principles – some will get less and some more than 6%
  • There will be a minimum increase of £2,000 for all FT employee (pro rata for PT).  No matter where people are within organisation, the minimum increase they will get is £2,000.  Some exclusions apply*
  • Everyone employed by Siemens (excluding apprentices) will meet the May 2023 Real Living Wage from January 2023 which is earlier than usual.            

 * Exclusions will include

  • Those joining or promoted 1st October 2022 to 1st January 2023
  • Those on disciplinary warnings or formal performance process (PIP)
  • Those without appropriate licence (pay increase will be implemented once licence is achieved)
  • ELT - interns, graduate and apprentices – they are on different reward principles
  • ELT - interns, graduate and apprentices – they are on different reward principles


The following elements are now included in addition to the previous offer

1. To make an option available to current employees in Testing and Construction roles to either reduce their contractual hours to 42 and maintain current annual salary, or to maintain current contractual hours and be included in the January 2023 pay review

2. Benchmark data is one of the elements and has always indicated an initial start point for employees. 

a.  The figure of 6% for those on 95%-105% of median benchmark salary remains the same

b.  We understand sentiment raised around the lack of a published grid for those receiving a salary either above or below this range but past reporting shared by the business has shown the business has typically paid the majority of our employees the 95%-105% negotiated figure or more. 

Now it's time for you to have your say on the offer.
Voting on the offer will be held electronically with one vote per member.

*** The referendum is now live ***

Please look out for an email arriving from via SurveyMonkey 
This is your invitation to vote in the referendum.

This referendum will close at 12 noon on Friday 16th December.
Any votes received after that time will not be counted.

If you have not received the referendum email by 12 noon on Friday the 9th December, please check all email addresses and spam/junk folders. If you still cannot find the email, contact your TSSA representative with your name,  and preferred email address so we can resend.

If you are aware of a colleague who is eligible to vote that has not received the referendum, please ask them to check all their email addresses and their spam/junk folders. If they still cannot find the email, they should contact  their TSSA representative with their name,  and preferred email address so we can we can send them the referendum. 

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In solidarity.
Your TSSA Negotiating Team

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