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Nasir Khan SWR Rep

Nasir (Nick) Khan

H&S, LDC, Retail Company Council - Waterloo Station

Rob Hunt

Train Service Delivery Joint Council - Basingstoke ROC

Bianca Agaston SWR Rep

Bianca Agaston

Learning Rep - Overline House Southampton

George Halliday_SWR Rep

George Halliday

RM South Clerical -Portsmouth Station

Jane Jerrard SWR Rep

Jane Jerrard

LDC H&S - Bournemouth Station

Steve Dunwell SWR Rep

Steve Dunwell

Revenue Rep - Portsmouth

TSSA Organiser

While TSSA is a member-led union, paid staff are employed to administer and support the lay organisation, to negotiate on behalf of members, and to organise and recruit in the industries where we have members.

Gareth Theobald TSSA Organiser

Gareth Theobald

TSSA Organiser - Strategic Organising & Campaigns

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Our workplace reps occupy the most important role in our union. As a workplace rep you are a key link in the chain of communication between TSSA and its members, and between your colleagues and their employer.

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