National Mourning Period - bank holiday arrangements & dispute update

Southeastern train at platform, Penge East station

State Funeral

In response to TSSA representations, Southeastern have confirmed the following after the state Funeral of Her Majesty the Queen on Monday 19th September was been declared a Bank Holiday:
"Southeastern will treat this as an additional Bank Holiday which will operate broadly in line with previous arrangements. However, unlike a typical Bank Holiday, we will be running our normal weekday timetable on the 19th, with some additional services. We anticipate the network to be exceptionally busy, if not unprecedented.  
Time off and associated payments will be based on the various staff groups terms and conditions, with some minor alterations that as detailed below.  
All colleagues rostered to work will receive an additional day in lieu that must be taken by end of March 2023. This is extended from the normal expectation of clearing any accrued day by the calendar year end.
Colleagues rostered to work on this occasion may also choose to receive a standard days pay in addition to their normal salary instead of a day off in lieu – we will share with our people further details on how to claim this payment in due course. This is a one off arrangement that has been approved by the DfT for this particular Bank Holiday.
All other colleagues not required to work on the Monday will be booked off duty and receive their standard salary.
People booked as rest day on Monday or those already on annual leave will be credited with a day in lieu that must be taken by end of March 2023. We are seeking clarification as to whether people in this scenario can also elect to take payment instead of a lieu day.
Part time colleagues will receive pro-rata time off in accordance with their normal working week."

Dispute Update

Last week, TSSA issued a statement announcing the suspension of all industrial action during the month of September following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This includes strikes and action short of strike such as an on-call ban. We advise all members to work normally during this period.

You can read our statement here.

This does not mean that we have abandoned our campaign for a fair pay rise, job security, or protection of your terms and conditions of employment. Nor does this invalidate the mandate you have given us to call further industrial action if required.

If we need to resume industrial action, we simply have to re-issue the legal documents giving 2 weeks notice to employers. However, we continue to seek meaningful dialogue with the Government and employers to find a resolution. You will be given a vote on whether to accept or reject any potential deal.

Your Reps and Organisers will continue to provide representation to members during the period of mourning, and business as usual activities will continue as normal, unless we reach agreement with individual employers to temporarily suspend industrial relations processes.

Over the next few weeks, many of you will be asked to work above and beyond in order to cope with the surge in passenger traffic associated with the Royal funeral. We are certain that you will meet the challenge, just as you did during the pandemic.

It is at times like this that we see rail workers rise to the occasion, and we hope and expect your dedication and professionalism to be recognised by employers and government alike. Our Union will stand by you now and in the face of whatever the future may bring.

In Solidarity, 

 Luke Chester
Organising Director

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