Its your pay, have your say! Reps recommend you vote to ACCEPT Xeiad improved offer

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It's your pay, have your say!

TSSA members employed by Xeiad are invited to vote on the company's improved pay offer, which was presented on the condition that reps recommend it to members. Your reps have agreed to recommend that you vote to accept the offer, as the best available through negotiation. 

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The improved offer provides an industry-leading job security commitment of No Compulsory Redundancies until 30 June 2025, a 5% increase to basic pay and contractual allowances, backdated to 1 March 2023, and a second year increase of 2.75% from 1 March 2024. 

TSSA members can take credit for the improvements, achieved through a very strong mandate to reject the previous offer of 4.05% over 16 months (valued as the equivalent of a 3.04% 12 month offer).

After your reps agreed to formally reject the offer, they sought to achieve further improvements through series of joint meetings and correspondence.

The offer represents a significant improvement, and the best available through negotiation. However, your reps recognise that members are likely to have mixed views about the value of a below inflation increase this year and a fixed increase in 2024 while economic volatility and soaring inflation are continuing to put pressure on wages and household budgets. Reps made every effort to seek to insulate members from the risk of inflation in year two, proposing a figure linked to inflation or a compromise to commitment to re-enter negotiations if the rate of inflation rose above an agreed threshold. The company provided reps with a clear understanding that the new parent company, British Engineering Services, have essentially vetoed the prospect of a negotiated deal providing any such protection for members. 

The offer also addresses our claim for an increase in the Homeworking allowance, rising from £25 to £30 per month, an option for staff to sell annual leave, increases Paternity Leave to two weeks at full pay, and collective engagement in company ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) initiatives.

Thank you to all TSSA members who took part in our democratic processes to identify our priorities in our pay claim and to vote on the previous offer to secure the improvements offered today. Please make sure you use your vote and discuss any questions or concerns with your reps.

The only means of improving on the available offer is likely to be a strong mandate to reject the deal and widespread support for an industrial response which members would be prepared to undertake in pursuit of further negotiations through a lawful ballot, compliance with the relevant legislation, and industrial action .

Your reps recommend that you vote to ACCEPT the offer.

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The survey will close at 09:00 Tuesday 11 July.

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Xeiad Pay offer letter June 2023

Xeiad Pay Offer Letter June 2023