TSSA members win union recognition at Xeiad!

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All Xeiad staff in Bands A-C within Rail now have the benefits of trade union recognition. This means that your TSSA representatives can support union members on a collective basis when the company want to make changes to job roles and organisation structures, as well as negotiating improvements to pay, terms and conditions, and ensuring that members are safe and healthy at work.

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Since CEFA staff TUPE transferred from Amey to Xeiad in 2021, TSSA representatives have been campaigning to support all Xeiad rail staff to benefit from the right to collective representation. Staff who from Amey transferred brought their collective bargaining rights with them to Xeiad. Through a series of pay deals, your reps successfully negotiated with the company to sign a new recognition agreement which would commit the company to working with your reps on a collective basis before making any changes to the organisation of work.

You can view the agreement, signed by Xeiad and TSSA representatives, here.

What does this mean for me?

As a member-led, democratic and independent Trade Union, TSSA exists to represent and defend the interests of members in the industry. Where we have collective recognition, our union will ensure that employers like Xeiad are held to account to follow the letter and spirit of our agreements in order to give members and their representatives the opportunity to influence the way the company operates. We have the right to negotiate improvements to pay, policies and procedures, to protect jobs, and to engage in meaningful consultation so that members and your reps have a say on any company proposals before they are implemented, always with input from members via reps and always with a view to reaching agreement.

Our agreement clearly sets out the "scope", "sprit and intent" "equal opportunities", "representation" "communications and meetings" "negotiating procedures", "consultation", "conduct and behaviours at joint meetings", and "dispute resolution (collective procedure)". This is your agreement and all members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with it to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits you deserve.

Who is covered by the new collective agreement?

The agreement, drafted by Xeiad and signed by both parties, states (clause 1.2) that "This agreement covers all employees within the Rail Sector which is defined as those working predominantly (>90%) on Rail Sector contracts from Band A to Band C and any other groups of individuals that are agreed between XEIAD and TSSA may also be included at a later date."

"New starters in the Rail Sector of Xeiad will automatically be included in the Collectively Bargained population."

"The company and the TSSA accept that the terms of this agreement are binding in honour".

The agreements apply to all staff who fit the definition above, except any who advised the company that they chose to opt out when the agreement was introduced. Those who choose to join TSSA benefit from our industrial democracy, with trained elected reps and staff available to support members on an individual and collective basis. 

Your Reps are available to support you at work, both informally and formally.

Any members who wish to change roles or amend any terms and conditions should first seek advice from Reps or the Members' Helpdesk in order to protect the benefits of collective agreements.

In 2024, members will be invited to nominate colleagues or stand for election to be the next generation of TSSA Representatives in Xeiad.

Click here to view the recognition agreement
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