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About the DWG committee

The Disability Working Group committee is made up of lay members. Committee members are called officers and each of them has a role in carrying out work on behalf of the DWG. The current committee members are featured below.

DWG officers

Mick Carney, TSSA President, speaking at podium

Mick Carney

As Chair of DWG, Mick chairs meetings and handles correspondence in between meetings.


Raymond Spiteri

Vice Chair Former London transport employee Ray stands in as Chair when required. He is also the DWG representative on the Trade Union Disability Alliance (TUDA).


Pauline McArdle

Secretary Pauline was a founding member of DWG. She has been a tireless and fearsome campaigner for disabled rights and represented the TSSA on the TUC disabled workers council.


Cathy Murphy

Finance Officer Cath was a founding member of the DWG. She has been the treasurer of DWG since it’s inception.